SAGs - VIP Gallery Member


  • Free shipping offers
  • Birthday celebration bag & discount
  • Holiday complimentary treats
  • Members only event
  • On site pick up  (locals only) *Optional to use*
  • Personal styling services *Additional fees included*
  • Early access to: The Gallery Inventory
  • The Gallery VIP close friends story on  IG
  • The Gallery VIP private FB  group

How to become a VIP Gallery Member

Order a VIP Gallery Member  card here .

Make an account with SAGs. This is how you will receive your VIP Gallery Member  perks! > person icon > create account.

 SAGs will email you within 24hrs to request additional information for the VIP Gallery Member perks and instructions on how to use  your perks! 
It is important to have an account with SAGs so we can access your email!

Sit back, your VIP Gallery Member credit card is on the way!  Get ready to enjoy the  perks sis!!!



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